My Favorite .. Book Movie Adaptation

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This week's topic: Book Movie Adaptation 

Stardust - Neil Gaiman

It's been too long since I've read or watched either of them, so I don't feel properly equipped to give a solid review/comparison.

My main issue was not caring about the book characters which is an important component for me when it comes to romantic stories. I had no such issue with the movie.

I didn't hate the book, but I didn't like it either. I absolutely adore the movie.


  1. I haven't read or seen this one! It have wanted to watch it though. I didn't even know there was a book to be honest. For me it's The Notebook! I enjoyed the book, but I loved the movie!
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite!

  2. Like Maureen, I haven't seen or read this one. I'll have to check it out.