Tell Me Something Tuesday

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Who are some authors you have been meaning to read?

Oh, so many.

I don't really read by author, but by book. This list was quite a bit longer, but I cut it down to only include a few authors who have more than one book I plan to read... eventually.

Bernard Cornwell
Jane Austen
J.R.R. Tolkien
Julian Fellowes
Michael R Underwood
Octavia E. Butler
Wilkie Collins

Honorable mention:
Caroline Kepnes.
I really want to read You. However, none of my libraries have it on ebook and I can not bring myself to drop $12 on one ebook, especially by an untested author.

I have this one in my ereaderiq, but alas, I always seem to miss the sales.
Update: I just noticed I did the authors in alphabetical order by first name... hopefully the library gods won't come and take my card away. 😱


  1. I'm the same way so I hard a really difficult time answering it.

    I have so many books to read as well that I'm *trying* to not even add to that lol

    For What It's Worth

    1. Sooo many!
      I will add that I caved on You and checked out a physical copy from the library.

  2. I've only read Jane Austen and Tolkien out of these. I really like Jane Austen (although I was young when I read her books, so I think I'd get more out of them now I'm a bit older) but I didn't enjoy Tolkien so much - even though I love Middle-earth and the movies, I couldn't stand his writing style.

    1. I've tried Tolkien before (after I saw the first movie) and struggled with it. It's just one of those things I want to tackle at least once. I absolutely adore the world he created, I feel I should try it in his words.

      Austen: I love Emma. I have not read the book, but I love Clueless and the 2 Emma movies I've seen. As per above, I feel I should hear it from the source at some point!