Book Blogger Hop: (x2) Sept 15th - 28th

Okay, so I got confused on the dates and skipped last week's question.
This week is a Two-for-One Blog Hop!
Have you ever bought a more expensive edition of a book, when a cheaper edition was available, just because you preferred the cover of the more expensive one? -Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books
It kind of sounds like something I'd do, but I'm too cheap for that.

In regards of Banned Books Week (, what are your favourite books that has been banned or challenged? -Kristin @ Lukten av Trykksverte
As an aside, I love that this question has the British spelling of "favorite".

I pulled my list from the books off this list. I know there are far more than 100 books, but I couldn't find a master list and this seems like a fair place to start without compulsively going through, possibly, thousands of books!


There are a good number of books on that top 100 list that I own, but haven't read yet. I'll have to remedy that for next year! 


  1. You know, as far as I can tell from my various searchings, I don't think there really is a comprehensive master list for banned books because different lists use different criteria, and when you consider that a book could make the list simply because it was banned by a single rural school district, the lists could get quite long and hard to manage.

    You've got a great list of favorite banned books though.

    Hope you have a great weekend. - Katie

    1. For this entry, I used the term "favorite" to mean that I've either read it more than once or would read again.

      I did a lot of searching for some sort of comprehensive list last week and couldn't find one (which is why I skipped last week's hop!). I can't imagine the huge undertaking it would require to get a full list put together. EVEN if it was simply country by country. (I am surprised there isn't one for the US because banned book week is pretty huge here! Even the schools get in on it.)

  2. Shannon - is there a list to look at and a list that tells WHY they are banned?

    Thanks, and I read quite a few of those.

    ENJOY your weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

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    1. To my knowledge there isn't. I think if you find a book that is banned, you can generally find out why.

      I only know the reasons for three of these.
      Call of the Wild: Kids might mistake it for a "boy and his dog" coming of age story.

      To Kill a Mockingbird: N-word. White savior.

      Gone with the Wind: N-word. Being super racist. (on sooooo many levels)

  3. It's amazing how many books are challenged each year, even today. My husband and daughter read Charlotte's Webb last year together. It's one of my childhood favorites. It's hard to imagine anyone would want to ban that one, but I know it's been on the chopping block a few times.

    I hope you have a great weekend! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I had no idea Charlotte's Web was one until I saw that list! Of the ones up there, that's the book I've read and reread the most! I can't really see what's wrong with it.

  4. I can't believe Charlotte's Web is on the banned list! I honestly don't see anything wrong with that book!

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    1. I had no idea either, I came across this article:

      Basically it's because the animals talk and it's blasphemous to depict anything other than humans speaking.

  5. Some great choices for the banned books question.

  6. I didn't know that Hitchhikers is on a list... Proud to say I've read that one too, lol.

    1. I wasn't aware either.
      Apparently it's for inappropriate language and the questioning of an existence of a god.