Thursday, September 28, 2017

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1. Was granted a gift from netgalley. O_O I thought it was some sort of mythical thing that never happened.

I have no clue where I got the reputation as a Sci-Fi reader. I'm not complaining, but it is very interesting to see my reputation (small as it is) evolve.

2. Going to the Halloween portion at the local amusement park tomorrow with a friend. I've actually never been (outside of working there last year). So, we shall see.

3. I really should be planning the kids' Halloween costumes. My daughter's school does a "Night at the Library" (like the movie "Night at the Museum") where kids are encouraged to dress up as a book character -come to life-. This year my daughter is torn between Hermione and Luna Lovegood. I've been trying to steer her towards Hermione, because Luna will require a wig. (Hermione, we can just braid her hair wet and frizz it a bit.) My son has no opinions on that, but he wants to be Yoshi.

4. I am trying to remain strong and not unfriend people purely because they have a differing viewpoint than my own. I am not going to get into specifics here, but, wow, I really lost my respect for a person today. (This wasn't someone I admired or anything. I was kind of neutral about her to be honest.) But this person went above and beyond. It's one thing to have a difference of opinion. It's another to open a dialogue and then start name calling, crying about other people having different viewpoints, and then blocking them because they refuse to submit to your will.

5. Just got a second Netgalley wish granted. ?!

I mean, I'm not complaining, but this is kind of weird.

I love covers these days, so many are just really attractive!

6. I actually finished Horizon: Zero Dawn last Thursday night. The game is not without it's faults, but I definitely recommend this one for the amazing main storyline.

Until next time. .~*💝Shannon


  1. I think I was only ever granted 1 NetGalley and every request since has been declined, so I have given up. You definitely have better luck there than me. Enjoy!

    1. I honestly just requested because I wouldn't get a a decline email! Definitely did not expect to get two!

  2. I love it when NetGalley grants our wishes. Of course, I then tend to forget about my stack of TBR books on the e-reader until I get a note from the publisher -- hey, the book is coming out today. Are you ready to review?!?

    Insert a Homer Simpson, D'oh here.

    1. I have yet to have a publisher email me over when a review will be out, but I'm kind of small potatoes overhere so it doesn't surprise me.

    2. I just sent this comment and then checked my email. There was one from a publisher asking about a review. O_O

  3. Ooh, I hate when people on FB or wherever go into a name-calling vicious rant. I do block those people.

    When did having a difference of opinion become a crime?

    I love the idea of Halloween costumes based on book characters. Have fun!


    1. I still haven't decided what to do with the situation. Definitely leaning towards quietly walking away later.

      With this school activity the kids generally get to do two costumes if they choose. This year funds are a bit tighter so maybe not.

  4. On Facebook, I don't necessarily unfriend people, especially relatives, but I do unfollow them if I just can't stand to see their posts anymore.
    My daughter is talking about being Link for Halloween, if she and her friends actually go out.

    1. I generally go through an unfriending purge every so often because I don't like having people who I don't interact with on some level on there.

      I do unfollow, but only for relatives where it would be too much blowback from unfriending to make it completely unworth it.

      Going as Link sounds great! *^-^*


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