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Book Disappointments of 2017

Tender Wings of Desire - Colonel Sanders

This book was really more of a joke, but I expected more.

I was hoping for something silly and tongue in cheek. Instead it was a very boring, bland, and run of the mill historical romance.

The Last Neanderthal - Claire Cameron

Don't get me wrong. I liked this one. (Review here)

Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to the hype surrounding it. The modern portions of the book feel really flat and didn't parallel in the way I believe they were intended.

The Tethered Mage - Melissa Caruso

Full disclosure, I have not finished this one. I am enjoying it, but it was not what I hoped.

The title and summary give the impression that this a character driven novel focusing on a complicated relationship. Instead it's more focused on the politics taking place in its world. I don't always mind that stuff, but I find it less interesting than exploring the relationship between the main character and the mage she has enslaved.


  1. That book with Colonel Sanders??? What??? I would expect it to be funny too, not boring. I will skip it.

    1. They were giving it away for free via Kindle for a silly mother's day promotion. The commercial advertising it was hilarious. The entire publicity campaign was BRILLIANT.

      Unfortunately, this book was just a very short and basic romance novel that was altered to have the male lead be Colonel Sanders. (And it's historical, but... that cover.)

      If you look it up on goodreads, there are several "rewrite" reviews that are absolute perfection.