My Favorite . . Childhood Movie

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This week's topic: Childhood Movie 

Oh, I have a lot.

These three were out of the very small VHS collection we had growing up. I had that Pizza Hut commercial before The Land Before Time memorized.

Every summer my siblings and I would stay at our grandparents for about a month. They had a much larger collection of tapes than we did at home so there are quite a few that we wanted to watch. These three were always on the top of my list to see when we got there.


  1. I LOVE Beauty and the Beast, and I watched The Land Before Time numerous times. I probably have it memorized. Now I really like watching The Parent Trap (both versions). I showed my students the beginning of the original and they DIED. Just died thinking it was so funny.

  2. Those movies look great. I haven't seen them all but some of these are definitely ones I've seen too. Beauty and the Beast always was one of my favorites.
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite.

  3. I loved all of these movies! Land Before Time was excellent. I love The Parent Trap.