My Favorite .. Valentine's Day Experience

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This week's topic: Valentine's Day Experience 

I'm not super big on Valentine's Day. Didn't really date a lot in high school, lol.
The only one I even remember, was not actually on the day, but the day after.

I was still in college (for that brief period of time I was in college) and could not skip that particular class. (It was a once a week one and if you missed more than 2 or 3, you would basically fail. AND I was already scheduled to miss one for wisdom teeth removal later on.)

That's not really important.

My husband proposed on February 15, 2005.


  1. We also don't really celebrate Valentine's Day all that much. One year my husband got me this beautiful statue which I adore. But other than that we are more the making every day special kind of people.
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite. ;)