Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Favorite .. Website To Shop For Books

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This week's topic: Website to Shop For Books 


For ordering physical books, I am usually lazy and go via amazon.

There is one online book thrift store I want to check out. I had initially hoped to use it for my daughter's school books, but I waited too long to guarantee they would be here in time for school to start.
I can NOT vouch for this site one way or the other. The prices are good, so worth a try if you are not looking to get something immediately.

For most physical books - I prefer to buy at thrift stores or at my daughter's school's annual used book fair.


  1. I haven't ordered from Kobo for ebooks. Amazon is the store I usually order books from.

    1. I use a Kobo ereader, so buying from Kobo is the easiest way to get books onto it. (The other stores aren't hard, but there are a couple more steps involved to get the books loaded.)

  2. I'm a kobo users as well. It's been years, and I have too many books with them to change. I don't really buy physical books anymore.

    1. I rarely buy pbooks for myself. If I didn't have kids, I probably wouldn't buy them at all (aside from craft/cook books).

  3. Hi Shannon, sometimes a thrift store will have a ton of good books. Value Village has a big book section in Calgary where I live but I had not heard of thriftbooks website. I live outside the USA so the shipping will cost money and time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've definitely been loving the Book Depository at the moment. There are no shipping fees and I just love that. LOL!!
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite.


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