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A Week in the Life


Today is my last day at work.
The short version is that it's what is best for everyone right now.
This was not a last minute decision. I have been wanting to quit since last year.

Unfortunately, between schedule conflicts, illnesses, the kids, and life in general...
I have not been able to find the right work/home balance.
Both are suffering as a result.

I feel weird when people ask me about it.
Most people get it. A few seem to think I've lost my mind.
(Disclaimer: I am a cashier. I am not giving up a dream job.)

I feel like I'm being overly defensive about it.
Mostly I'm just tired of the questions.


My son was officially accepted at my daughter's private school.
So, that's happening.


The husband and I actually had a date day last weekend. Normally we don't get to because I work on the weekends. We are usually both too tired during the week.
Unfortunately... I made the request for a date thinking there were no conflicting plans and was hoping to do a whole day of it.
My daughter's troop meeting was that day! Oops.
Luckily they do one big meeting once a month and my dad was willing to take her to it.
It was nice, but I really wish I could go out without time limits!


I am positive more has happened since then, but with the resigning... It's been a very quick three weeks.




A Quiet Place

This one was really good. 
A weird observation: Did anyone else get Signs flashbacks watching this?
(Don't let that deter you. It's an amazing film, but certain shots reminded me of Signs.)

LA to Vegas

I'll admit this one is stupid. However, it has moments where it's actually pretty funny.




Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I really loved the first game and was hooked from the start. I'm two hours into this one and ... I don't know. 

I hate Chloe's "power". 
It's just smack-talking until your opponent is "eviscerated".
Except in most situations, this bullshit wouldn't work.
The first time it comes up, she's mouthing off to a bouncer who is literally twice her size after getting caught with a fake ID.
I don't necessarily expect realism in anything, but this one was a bit much. 
(The second time it was used, it did actually make sense.)

Maybe I'm just too old for this?

I'm hoping it gets better because I do want to find out more about Chloe and Rachel's relationship and supposedly this is a good prequel.


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  1. Good luck going forward! Work/ life balance can be SO hard, and you have to do what is right for you and your family, and only you know what that is, so yeah hopefully most people understand/ respect that.

    A Quiet Place looks freaky, but I usually like Emily Blunt. I can't decide if I want to see that or not :)

    1. Most people have been nice about it. I know a few disagree because I'm not leaving for another job. Oh well.

      A Quiet Place is a good movie, but it does ramp the tension up to 100. It's not gory either.