Sunday, July 1, 2018

COYER Challenge: "The List"

For full details, check out this post.

List of 15 books to read from!

- Dread Nation* ✓
-The Hate U Give* ✓
-Luckiest Girl Alive* DNF (overhyped)
-To All the Boys I've Loved Before*
-Fahrenheit 451*
- The Other Woman
- Baby Teeth
- Bring Me Back
- Providence
- Autonomous
- Terminal Alliance
- Artemis
- Sky in the Deep
- Furyborn
- Dawn in Damnation

The ones with stars are higher priority because they are from the library and I have "The Strict" next week - which means no library books!

Pretty much the same list I had at the beginning of the challenge, but removed the finished (and DNFed). Added in a few library books that have come in since then.


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