Hidden Bodies - Caroline Kepnes

In a word...


I loved the first book.
I was hesitant to read a second one. The first one pretty much ended exactly where it needed to.

I was told by a facebook book club that this one, while no where near as good as the first one, is still a good read.


I disagree.

(I apologize for the vagueness. It's hard to get into it without spoiling the plot.)

Hidden Bodies starts off well enough.
Once again, Joe is in love. He is charming, he's changed from his previous relationship with Beck, but he is still creepy and obsessive. You know it won't end well.
And then... a thing happens, Joe moves to California, and the plot takes a massive nosedive and goes wide.

Much of this book seems forced. It just has to be edgier, creepier, more crude.
It just tried too hard and it doesn't work.

I still highly recommend You, but take a pass on this one.

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