I Held My Nose, I Closed My Eyes, I Took a Drink: Sunday Post #9

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Hurricane Florence has been a real roller coaster. For those who don't know, I'm in coastal Virginia. We were prepping for Isabel levels of destruction and then the hurricane turned south.

I hope everyone in North and South Carolina are safe and unharmed.

We are still in the process of moving out of the apartment and have until the end of September.
We are going to get a truck and some people to (finally) move the last of our big things out next weekend. I think once that happens, things will go a bit faster.

My husband is now able to walk without crutches or a boot. He goes in next Friday to see if he is cleared for work. (Cross your fingers!) He said he is walking well enough that he can actually come to the apartment and help out.

My son had tooth surgery yesterday. Luckily, the appointment was in the morning, so the whole "no eating after midnight" wasn't so bad.

I've been having issues with my Kobo Aura One syncing with my Overdrive account. I've been trying to get help, but the normal stuff isn't working. I even had to do a factory reset and still... nothing. I can check out books and download them just fine, but if I have holds I have to side load. :/
Last time this happened, it ended up fixing on it's own.


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  1. Technology can be wonderful...until it isn't! Good luck with all that...I have had issues with some of my iPhone apps, like Facebook...that fixed themselves.

    Enjoy your week, good luck on the move, and thanks for visiting my blog.