Fraterfest 2018 Mini-Challenges

Over the course of the next six days your mission is to read as many books as you can in the following genres; Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Thrillers, Killers, Paranormal, Fantasy, Cozies, Urban, Zombie and more. If it screams Fall to you, then enjoy!. Set your own scare level, if you need yours served with a side of romance, it’s ok by me. You’ll also get to take part in some lovely challenges thanks to our Zombie hosts!

Fraterfest Instagram Challenge

hosted by @jennifer_tbn

October 11: Read-A-Thon TBR

October 12: Thrilling Plot Line

October 13: Spooky Cover

October 14: Currently Reading

October 15: The End is Near...
October 16: She Saved the World ... a lot

Random Page Challenge

hosted by Wishful Endings

"You look gaga in the best of ways, Mrs. Dennison," says Travis.
Hocus Pocus and The All-New Sequel by A.W. Jantha
Page 181

Halloween Bookshelf / eReader Scavenger Hunt

hosted by Angela

1. An orange cover.

2. Feline or felines cover.

3. "Witch" title.

4. Tombstone or graveyard cover.

5. Necromancer cover

6. Witch hat cover.

7. "Bewitched" title.

8. "Spirit" title.

9. Bats cover.

10. "Ghost" title.


  1. Looking good for all the mini-challenges, Shannon.

    We were on the same page with the 'Spirits' book for the Scavenger hunt. :)