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The State of the Blog


Well, for starters, I rearranged this post.

Blog Ahead
I have not been updating it because I hadn't even hit ONE post towards the goal until this past Sunday, but (as per my update post) I am now up to 3 that are due to be posted after October!

Completed! Update post listed below.
I actually won a prize! *^-^*
A $5 amazon giftcard. I haven't used it yet.

I just found out about this one, but since it's still open, why not. I'm starting tomorrow.




Participated in Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon
I went in poorly prepared and I did not expect it to be so intense!
I'll be posting an update post later in the week

My laptop randomly allowed itself to fix the network adapter, but then it promptly crapped out again two days later. I remain tethered downstairs.

I found a baby kitten near my porch meowing, but it ran away. :(
Seriously, this thing is tiny. Can not be more than 3 months old.
I tried to lure it back, but it bounded off.
I put a can of tuna out hoping it would come back.
Later on there were some nibbles in it, but no sign of the kitten.
A few hours later it was empty AND licked clean.
I suspect the kitten (or a squirrel) may have done the nibbling and then some grown cat came and got a free snack.
I have since bought some cheap wet cat food and a lidded litter box as a "trap" to see if it comes back.
It may have just moved on, but the small nibbles in the tuna make me wonder.
My husband asked if this meant I was ready for a cat now. I told him no (we still have a fuck ton of boxes and stuff all over the place), but there is no way this kitten will survive the winter without help. If it comes back and we can get it into the house, that's fine.
(For the record: I am aware that this cat may not be up for domestic life. I just want to help it, if possible.)

[Minor update: I strongly suspect the kitten has moved on. I put a can of cat food and some water under a little roof and it was not touched. I mean, it could be the rain, but I don't know. ­čś×]


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  1. Aw, the poor kitty! I hope it either comes back and allows you to care for it or has run off and found another place to call home. I hate the idea of them being alone. :(
    We took in an abandoned kitten (about 12 years ago!) and she was the best and most loving cat we ever had.

  2. Aww, I hope the kitty comes back or is otherwise okay/ finds a home. Nice of you leave the tuna out. :)

    Congrats on the giftcard!

  3. I've never heard about Arctober. What is it?
    I hope you'll be able to see the kitten again. It sounds like you're perhaps ready for a cat ;)
    Happy Reading!

  4. Oh poor kitty!! Hopefully it finds somewhere warm to stay for the winter!

  5. That is so nice of you. Hope it is alright or found someone else. Keep us updated.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes