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The State of the Blog


Figured out how to add jump links (it was easy, I felt kind of dumb).
Then added a jump link button.
I haven't quite found the sweet spot for it. I feel like I'm doing it too early or too late.
I'll figure it out eventually.

I'm moving my reviews from Saturdays to Mondays.
I no longer work on the weekends (or outside the home) so it just doesn't make as much sense anymore.




This was the weekend we were supposed to go camping, however a small Nor'easter is blowing through and...


Participated in last weekend's Pokemon Go's Community Day!
This wouldn't be that big of a deal, but somehow these always seem to get scheduled on the one weekend a month that I have plans and just can't do it.
Apparently everyone's reactions are "I got a shiny". I never get them so I never bother trying. As long as I can evolve and get the special move, I'm happy.
(Success, btw)
However, I do, apparently, live down the street from a good PoGo area and have not been taking advantage of it. (It's walking distance, but I'm lazy and it's cold.)

My kids' school did their annual Halloween thing. My son (age 5) had a lot of fun, though my daughter (age 12) not so much. They people who put it together did a great job, but it was definitely more aimed at younger kids than it has been in the past. (I'm guessing this is because there is low participation from the middle schoolers.)

Signed up for the COYER secret santa.

Randomly just won another Fraterfest mini challenge.  O_o


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  1. I like learning new things. I've never done jump links...but I remember seeing how to do it as part of a Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge.

    Enjoy your Halloween...and your reading. Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  2. Ooh congrats on winning the FraterFest challenge. I thought those were fun. :)

    PoGo sounds so fun. I've never done it. :)