Book Blogger Hop: Nov 9th - 15th

Do you subscribe to any book subscription boxes? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)


I wish I was, but we have to be frugal and I haven't quite found the right box. Most of them seem highly geared towards YA and/or Romance.
While YA novels have been growing on me, they are still pretty hit and miss. (I'm not afraid to DNF a book so usually they don't even make it to the review stage.)

I was very interested in the PageHabit box because they had a lot of options, but then they went under.


One day, maybe...


  1. Many of the subscription services are geared towards YA or romance. Many of these boxes seem to be a bit pricey to me.

    1. Price is the other thing that holds me back. I LOVE happy surprises and I do know these are curated so the value is more than what you pay, but it's still pretty expensive for something you don't know what you are getting.


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