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Thing's have been a bit busy around the Shannonigan's household. Not anything special, but you know how it is.

My birthday was a couple weeks ago. It wasn't any big thing. I got a new laptop so now I am able to computer wherever I want again! We still have the old laptop, but it will be set up in the spare room which is where the kids can do their homework.

We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time since we have a house now. Nothing big (only 3 people showed up), but that's fine.


State of the Blog


I participated in the HoHoHo Read A Thon, which was fun, but I failed miserably. I only finished one book, despite having a ton of time. Unfortunately, trying to find a balance for winter/Christmas/holiday reads and sci fi did not go so well. That's not to say they don't exist, but I wasn't feeling any of them at the moment.
(The downside of being a mood reader.)

SciFi Month is still going, but that week threw me off. Gotta buckle down and focus!




Been a while since I talked about games. 

I grabbed Detroit: Become Human because I have been eyeing it forever (plus it was on sale!) and so far it's been great. Every single chapter is intense, even the tame ones where there was no danger.

Since I now have a computer that can play it, I have been playing 7 Days to Die on the PC. They recently came out with a new experimental update and it's completely changed everything. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. 
To be clear, I'm not saying the changes are bad, but this is almost like an entirely different game.
I was just getting used to the older version and, admittedly, kind of sucked at it - so this one will take some time to get used to.

I've been debating on getting some more games during these sales, but I'm not sure. Almost everything on my steam wishlist is for sale. I struggle with it because I really need to be finishing games instead of just buying news ones! 


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  1. Ah the games conundrum haha! Sales on steam are seriously dangerous for me. And glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! I love hosting it because people come here and we don't have to travel lol.

    I had the same problem which is why I ended up not doing the HoHoHo. I was going to do it and then with SciFi Month going on, I just never got around to picking out any Christmas type reads. Oh well.

    Have a good week. :)

    1. My problem was that I signed up for HoHoHo first! I honestly should have just taken a SciFi break rather than trying to marry the two. It was a nice idea, but did not work for me.

      Thus far, I ended up purchasing a total of 4 steam games, but returned 2 as I didn't like them too much (and it was within the refund conditions).

  2. Congrats on the new computer! I wish I had a computer that could play games. Mine is too old for everything. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I like to game so it's almost a requirement for me! My last laptop was a netbook, but I still ran my older games on it.

  3. My daughter loves Steam. I give her Steam gift cards sometimes. I read more than anything else. Anne - Books of My Heart