Red, White, & Royal Blue

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This one was very cute. I loved the romance. It went a bit fast, but I, admittedly, am a demi so I am aware that I may be the "weird" one in this situation. Absolutely adored the text message and email transcripts. Sometimes it can come off gimmicky, but here it felt just right and I almost wish there was more.

What I didn't like was that there was so much politics.


Okay, no, not like that.

I'm aware of the current state of the US and all these laws and rights that are being trampled upon. Especially on the LGBT+ community and people of color.
The parts that focus on those areas are fine.

However, the main character loves politics and has been planning on going into them since he was about 12. Roughly half the book is about politicking as a career. Unfortunately, is a subject I find very tedious.
It didn't help that this takes place in an alternate universe where the 2016 election was won by a woman (Not Hilary). This is fine on it's own, but it just tugged at my heart in a "what could have been" sort of way.

Overall, aside from being very fast, I thought the relationship played out nicely and mostly believable. It was a sweet love story, that also gives us an alternative 2016 that I wish we could have had.

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