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The State of the Blog


I did it! I am staying on blogger, but now I have a paid domain name! I will be messing with the layout later on, but for now, step one is done!




This week has had it's peaks of highs and lows.

I didn't talk about it earlier, but a coworker quit. Not a bad thing in and of itself as he was not great around the office. However, it's now all starting to catch up with me because we do need to replace him. But there are only two of us that have to be picking up the slack. On the one hand, yay hours! On the other... working every weekend unless I specifically requested it off? Yikes on bikes, y'all. It's not that bad, but hopefully they will be hire someone soon!

Sunday evening we figured out that our air conditioner wasn't working. Long story short, the evaporator coil was frozen. This wouldn't be that bad except we had to spend all Monday absolutely boiling. Looking back there were quite a few things I could have done to make it better, but I was so hot that I couldn't think straight about it. (Largely, we could have left and gone somewhere and only come home when I had to leave for work.) It's back up and running now, thankfully, but a lesson learned... CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTERS REGULARLY!!!

Had a date night on Thursday. We went to Texas Road House which we've never been. It was pretty good. It was nice. For some reasons the kids are sleeping downstairs since school got out, so

The library's summer reading program kicked off on Friday. I didn't get to go because I work Friday nights. (I requested that shift, lol.)


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