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The State of the Blog


Coyer is coming along and I have finished a grand total of 2 (that's right, count them!) books thus far.
I will be participating in the Sharknado Read-A-Thon from July 7th - July 13. The criteria is to only read physical books. This will especially be a challenge because I greatly prefer ebooks, but I have a bit of a physical backlog from ARCs and gifts! (Plus I've added a couple of library books that I've had trouble getting the overdrive versions of purchased.)

I'm also going to attempt the 24in48 challenge. This fortunately falls on a weekend I had already requested off for other reasons. I will be honest and say I don't think I'll be able to make it to the full 24. Partly because of my current reading track record and partly because I do have a family event to attend on the 20th. (I may be able to squeeze some audiobooks in on the way up there and those count, so... hmmm.)




Things have been pretty busy. Not particularly in a good way. I'm just trying to remind myself that it's temporary and the end is in sight.

At work we were given what will be our "set" schedules (barring vacations). I absolutely LOVE mine. Just 2 more weeks and no more schedule hell!

I finally got a hair cut. My last cut was a family-favor trim. It cut the ugly dead ends, but my hair still looked like kind of a mess. I have bangs again, which I like, but I don't love the overall shape of my hair, but it looks better than it did. And sometimes I do like it, but other times I think I should have gone shorter. I'm glad I sucked it up and went to a local hair salon because I found out there is tons of chlorine in the city water and part of why my hair looked so terrible was because I needed to be using a clarifying shampoo at least twice a month!

I also dyed it with box dye. It turned out different than I wanted, but it looks good. I've weirdly gotten many compliments on it.
I wanted it to be closer to my natural hair color (almost black), but sort of tinted purple so you'd see it in the light. Instead it's a color that is basically an unnatural dark auburn. It actually lightened my hair, though not drastically, which I haven't been able to do without bleach since Herbal Essences stopped making their hair dye.


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