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The State of the Blog


New theme, who dis?
Kind of trying to work the kinks out, just bear with me.

I might not be able to do the 24in48 readathon.
I already had a family function to attend, which I figured I could get some audiobook time during the drive and then we wouldn't be home too late and I could squeeze in some more time --- then I'd have all Sunday off.
And then my husband announces that his company is having some event on Sunday.
I may still make an effort, but I'll have to see how Saturday gets started off and what times/place the Sunday thing is.

Sharknado Readathon ended yesterday.
I did okay.
Finished 2 out of the 5 books.




Only one more week and then my easier work schedule comes in!

I'm still trying to figure out all my balances. Of course, by the time I get it figured out, I will likely start school and that will start a whole new level of imbalance to ... balance.

I have my school schedule completely taken care of. Most of my classes are online (YAY), but there is one night class for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

My financial aid came in and I qualify for a FULL GRANT! This means, that this school year is paid for! Although I still have to see about books and stuff, but still - ummm, yay!
**adding** I am going to a local community college to finish out my associates. So it's not as much as you think! (Nothing to sneeze at, but my excitement may have made it sound bigger than it is)


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