A Post of Participation

One big post to announce my October activities. (Admittedly, a bit late.)

Hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup. The idea is to get 31 posts scheduled for after October. I am way behind on my blogging, but I'm hoping this will help.

One week dedicated to reading anything that may have spooky Halloween vibes to you.

This is a new one. Grace, a fellow book blogger, passed away earlier this year and as a way to honor her, there is a tag going around #readforgrace. The challenge is to read a book from her TBR list or her favorites on her birthday which is October 14th. Since her birthday overlaps with Fraterfest, I combined them. (Mr. Mercedes is one of her favorites, thus the tag over it.)
This one actually doesn't require a sign up or anything, just that you use the tag on her birthday. You can find more information including both lists by clicking the banner or the tag.


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