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Formerly herfreereads, starting at wordpress.com, then migrating to blogspot.com. Originally, my purpose was about reviewing the plethora of legally free ebooks floating around the internet (either permanent, ARC, or limited promotion). It ended up becoming a chore and I stopped reading and reviewing for a while.

I am now blogging under my own name, plus it has the bonus of being a pun. ;)

The Blogger
(aka Shannon)

I'm a mid-30 something mom/gym receptionist/student with two kids (ages 12 and 6) and an awesome husband. I've worn a few hats including dog bather, infomercial call jockey, nursing home waitress, amusement park game runner, and amusement park cashier/bartender. (Full circle right there.) And yes, that makes my life sound way more interesting than it actually is.

My hobbies include reading (duh), crochet & knitting, gaming, and way, way, too much tv binge watching.

The Reviews
I'm in the middle of revamping how I review. Bare with me while I get my shit together.

Reviews are posted on Mondays. (Thursdays if it's a throwback.)

I am not currently including a summary. Most people come here already know what the book is about and are looking for opinions. This may change in the future.

 All reviews will contain:
  • Picture of the cover linking to the goodreads page
  • Links to purchase the book
  • A rating
  • A review
Some reviews may contain
  • Mild Complaint/s Worth Noting
    -Something/s that bugged me enough that I feel it needs to be said, but doesn't hurt my overall rating and feelings about the book

The Credits

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